About Naturally gifted Mediums

Mediums mediate ie. communicate between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

Mediums work with the spirit world and receive message's , and offer contact with loved ones in the afterlife.  

They have a REAL gift of linking and bringing messages from those who have passed over to give you the inner peace needed and closure in difficult times in your life.

A channeller can bring messages of comfort from loved ones who are no longer with us and offer evidence of survival and life after death.

Mental mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits through a medium by telepathy.

The medium mentally hears (clairaudience ) sees (clairvoyance) and or feels (clairsentience) messages from spirits.  Directly or with the help of a spirit guide.  The medium passes messages directly from spirit.

We know that there is a connection between this life and the afterlife at the time of death.  But with the right spirit psychic medium contact can be made with the right intention and offer solutions to problems.


When a psychic medium is doing a private reading for a particular person, that person is known as the sitter.

They can ask for specific people to come through however the spirit may not always be ready if a particular spirit doesn't come through the reader will be able to give information and guidance on which spirit does connect.  In many cases depending on who is asking the questions will depend on who comes through.  However some mediums work directly with certain spirits who become their guides and pass on messages on behalf of other spirits 


Trance mediumship is often seen as a form of mental mediumship 

Most trance mediums remain conscious during a communication period, wherein a spirit uses the mediums mind to communicate.  The spirits using the mediums mind influences the mind with thoughts being conveyed.  The medium allows the ego to step aside for the messages to be delivered.  At the same time the medium has awareness of the thoughts coming through and many even influence the message with ones own bias.   

How helpful can a medium reading be? 

A medium may have the ability to see spirit in the human shape or form as we know it although in most cases they will see Symbols via their third eye hear sounds and experience feelings therefore the essence of the human form is very much present.  

The psychical and emotional features of your loved ones maybe described plus aspects of their life when on the life plane.  The type of reading is a moving and touching experience especially when you are missing loved ones or wondering what a loved one would say to you regarding a situation you maybe in.  

Clairvoyance - or clear seeing is the ability to see anything that is not psychically present such as objects animals or people this sight happens in the minds eye or third eye.

Clairaudience -  or clear hearing is defined as the ability to hear the voices or thoughts of spirits.  

Clairsentience - or clear sensing is the ability to have an impression of what spirit wants to communicate or to feels sensations instilled by a spirit. 

Clairalience - or clear smelling is the ability to smell a spirit for example a medium may smell tobacco smoke of a person who smoked during there life. 

Clairagustance - or clear tasting is the ability to receive taste impressions from a spirit 

Claircognizance - or clear knowing is the ability to know something without receiving it through normal or psychic senses .  It is a feeling of just knowing often a medium will claim to have the feeling that a message or situation is right or wrong !

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