#Palmistry is another form of ancient divination whose roots are uncertain.  Its certainly true that cave walls accross the world are decorated with painted handprints.  Chinese scripts and Indian texts dating back some 3,000 years refer to man's fate being within the shape and patterns lines of hands.

Aristotle, in a letter to Alexander the Great, discusses his thoughts on hand reading, taken from earlier Egyptian works.  Ancient Rome housed many #handdiviners.  

The old Testiment states "God sealth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work" (Job 37:7) Later, various books in latin, Greek, Hebrew, German and then English talked about the information contained within the palm.  Its also thought that wandering #gypsies were again responsible for much of the spread of #palmistry and its meanings.  In Britain, there is evidence that palmistry may date back as far as the druids, as its known that they used a form of communication called finger Ogam. This was a sort of mute speach.

#Palmistry is also very much related to #astrology.  Areas of the #palm are designated as mounts which are then named after various planets.  For instance the wedding ring finger is aligned with Apollo, the Sun God is the metal of the Sun and its said that the ring is placed there because a line of energy runs from that finger direct to the heart.

Some people believe that the palm contains each person's life history: past, present and future.  Therefore, some would say the mysteries of the universe and contained within the hand.


Shape and length of fingers also tells you something about yourself or a person..

Square:      Practical, reliable, realistic

Conic:         Talkative, Likeable, imaginative, impulsive

Spatulate:  Energetic, Individualistic, Inventive.

Pointed:     Artistic, intuitive, impractical, restless

Example:  If your fingers are pointed but your palm is square, then this would show a combination of both traits.


The index finger (Jupiter) is about your self-expression and confidence.  If this finger is longer than your ring finger, then you are an extrovert who enjoys holding court.  A very short index finger could indicate an inferiority complex.


The Middle finger ( Saturn) shows your attitude towards responsibility.  If its particularly long, it would suggest that you have alot of responsibilities and burdens in life.  If this finger is short it indicates that you can be irresponsible.


The Ring finger ( Sun) is about your creativity and sucess.  A long finger points to being a lover of life and excitement.  A shorter finger shows that you will not neccessarily use your creativity.


The Little finger ( MERCURY) is about communication.  A long finger here demonstrates an intelligent and expressive person.  A short finger may indicate difficulties in self-expression


The thumb is often considered the most revealing of fingers.  It's about your will -power and your powers of logic.  If the spread between your thumb and rest of your fingers is particularly wide, this may show a craving for freedom and degree of selfishness.  A very closed thumb indicates that your've tight with money and reserved in emotion.  If your thumb is very large in relation to your whole hand, it may mean a great deal of self control and strong sence of morals.  A small thumb would show you are easily influenced by others.

The above all mention short and long fingers only.  If your own fingers are resonably proportionate in length , then you can conclude that your abilities are reasonably balance.


These Life, head and heart lines are considered the major three lines in the hand and their relation to one another is also very relevent to the sort of person your are.  Do your life and head lines start as one?  This suggests you are a thoughtful person, not given to rash behaviour. If you head and life lines stay joined for a short distance in the beginning however, this could show a tendency not to try new pastures and to remain stuck in uninspiring situations through a fear of the unknown.  If your head and life lines are widely spaced apart, then you may run a risk of being reckless and easily bored. if the distance between your head and heart lines is wide then you are said to have a broad outlook on life.  If there is little space between your head and heart lines, then you may tend to be narrow minded in some areas.  Again, the full information is more complex thatn this'; these are rough guide lines from which you can start to study if you wish.


These can be indicated by specific lines.  The lines indicating the number of significant relationships is found at the side of the palm between the little finger and the end of the heart line.  The line or lines inbetween start at the side of the palm and curve round, sometimes as far as below the ring finger.   The longer the line the longer the relationship.  A light thin line shows a relationship that was not a serious commitment.  The deeper the line the more intense.

Children are more difficult to discern and you need a good light to see the lines.  These are quite light, fine lines that run above and perpendicular to the relationship lines. They are usually found below the litle finger and just meet the relationship line or lines, without crossing over them. If the line doesnt meet it may indicate the loss of a child.

The details above are the very first basics for palmistry.  If you want to consider it more seriously, there is a wealth of books which