About Angel Cards:

#Angels are said to be a gift from our Creator or shall we say the universe we are intended to benefit from them.  So there is nothing wrong with engaging in conversations with angels or using #AngelCards to create a connection to a supreme being.

Consulting Angels for Readings

Some #psychics consult #angels before,during and after every #reading or session. 

People of all faiths and Cultures believe in Angels

#Readings with #AngelCards give a positive experience and also create a positive life changing experience.

Therapeutic reasons for contacting the deceased

For instance, "It would take months for people to overcome their grief with counselling but contacting deceased loved ones, in this way people heal very rapidly. They’re able to express their feelings of hurt, anger, guilt, abandonment, loneliness, betrayal and other pent-up emotions directly to their deceased loved one, through the process of #mediumship.  People’s lives heal because they have contacted a deceased loved one, I don’t see how that could be a sin in any way.  To me, it’s a process of love and forgiveness.

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Angels are glowing beings, filled with the inner radiance of love. #Angels have soft, feathery wings. #Angels always talk about, and act from, Love.

"Earthbound spirits" are another form of so-called "fallen angels." These are deceased humans who, for a variety of reasons (fear of hell, materialism and so on.), stay rooted to earth. They are sometimes called ghosts.

The best way to clear away the presence of earthbound spirits and dark beings is to hold a constant mindset of Love. Think about and call upon the Archangel Michael, who escorts away fear and darkness, to act as your "Guardian," ensuring that only invited guests are by your side and in your home.



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