Aura readings basically means using your energies to tap into your sitters auric field and receive information about them.   The human aura has seven different levels!

How to Practice reading Aura Fields.

It may help you to practice with a friend or partner ask your fiend or partner to stand in the middle of a room, arms by their side, with their eyes open. If they close their eyes they might feel off balance once you start moving around them. This is because your energy may be responding to, and affecting, their aura. Everyone has energy radiating from their body and you are going to try to feel it. Emphasize that if they feel uncomfortable at any time, they should tell you so immediately. Start off by standing well away from them, hold out your hands and be at least three feet away from the other persons body. Take a few deep breaths and feel relaxed, now gently move your hands around the other persons energy field. Do not linger around the heart area or over the top of their head. A good place to start would be around the stomach, if nothing is happening try moving a little nearer to them and continue moving around the aura field. Everyone's aura is different some are wider and bigger than others. When you do feel a sensation , stop, and do not move any closer.

Questions to ask yourself while moving around the Aura Field.

What is it like?  Slowly move your hands back and forth. Analysing how it feels. It will probably be a bit like touching a very light cob web , or you may feel a slight heat or a tingling sensation. 

Ask your self does it get hotter, or colder, at certain spots? 


Are there areas that you feel you should back off from and are there other areas that feel safe to move in a bit closer? Once you have moved around the body and experienced different sensations, then step back out of their aura, and ask the person for some feedback. 

How did they feel during the excercise? 

Did they say they felt comfitable? 

Did they feel any sensations themself? 

Did they feel any heat or coldness?

Experiment with different people you will be amazed how different each persons aura feels.

What does Scientific Research say about the human Aura?

Present day research into the human aura has escalated scientifically. In other words, it has moved on from the realms of being purely a spiritual experience and is now being acknowledged as a tangible phenomenon.

Scientific studies on the human AURA

Individual studies have resulted in different areas being discussed:

Electromagnetic fields,

Life fields, 

Thought fields, 

Bio plasma and bio fields. 

Delving into these areas would mean reading further books on the subject. You may now believe that every live object has an aura, but how could an inanimate object have one?

This seems illogical that a inanimate object would not have an energy field but have you considered the energies with which that object comes into contact with?

How you walking from one room to another in a house and felt the atmosphere change?

The air in the room has absorbed the different energies of the people who have spent time in that space, if finer substance like air absorbs energies or vibrations, is it not feasible for denser matter to absorb the same energy?

Now I could go on and on about energy fields but I am going to leave that part for you to do more research yourself.


Going back to the Auric field and the layers contained, you can group them together into just three sections: the physical, astral and spiritual planes. This is the easiest way to describe the layers of the auric field, but their are seven distinct layers that have been recognised, the physical plane refers to the first three levels representing the etheric body.

(First Layer) Physical - Base chakra
(Second layer) The emotional body - Navel
(Third layer) The mental body - Solar plexus


Close your eyes and go through your opening up process. Take a moment to expand your own aura so that it feels more open, more receptive. Ask for guidance from your inner self, that you may give a helpful reading to your sitter. When you feel open, balanced and relaxed then continue.

Your going to pull some of your sitters aura into your own aura, so that you can read and interpret information about them. You dont have to keep your eyes close to do this, but it is often helps to concentrate. As you breath out feel your aura expand, as you breath in feel your auric field being pulled back to you.

So begin with practising this exercise and she how you get on, ask your sitter for feed back when you tell them what you scence and feel from their Auric field.

I Hope you enjoy practising aura readings it is a powerful way to learn about how unique every human being truly is. No two aura readings will ever be the same for you. Its possible, just as everyones fingerprint is unique so are their unique aura fields.

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