Psychic Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance means "seeing clearly".

It is the psychic ability to access and decipher visual information through extrasensory perception in the form of images or pictures.  Psychic clairvoyant perception does not come from the eyes but is created utilizing and developing the third eye chakra which is located in the center of the forehead.  When you access your clairvoyance you are using the same mechanics and parts of your brain that are active when you dream or use your imagination to visualize.  Have you ever visualized something that you want?  Then, you have clairvoyant ability.  When you facilitate a clairvoyant reading you relax your logical mind and let information in the form of images, symbols, numbers, pictures appear to you.  These visual aids build up overtime.  The more you use your clairvoyance the stronger it becomes.  Many prominent clairvoyant psychics have actually built up a clairvoyant dictionary of symbols that come to them consistantly when doing a psychic clairvoyant reading.  In being open to these clairvoyant energies you will obtain information that you could not have possibly received through your logical or physical means.

Doing a clairvoyant reading is like sitting back and watching a movie unfold right before you without the popcorn. 

It can also be likened to dreaming while you are awake.  Psychic clairvoyant readings are really quite fascinating in that you get to access information firsthand about other people that you would otherwise never get to experience.  Clairoyant reading is embarking on a great and grand adventure and you often can be surprised by the images that appear.  Like a detective you work your way through clues in the form of pictures, sounds, colors and feelings until you see the clear pictures of a person's situation or circumstance.  Clairvoyance enables you to tap into the deepest parts of your subconcious mind to reveal the past, present or future of yourself or those you are doing a clairvoyant reading for.  The whole experience is like time traveling.  You are actually utilizing this skill all of the time but with a untrained mind you are missing the pictures and visual aides because they present themselves very quickly.  Once you start developing your clairvoyant abilities you will begin the process of getting flashes of a symbol, a whole scene of something that was in the past, present or future.  Also, when you read clairvoyant energy you can alter it so having clairvoyant ability not only makes it possible to pick up information about people that they themselves aren't even aware of, it also makes it possible to help them heal, change and grow.

A clairvoyant reading can be beneficial for both the person receiving the reading and the person performing the reading. 

Clairvoyant reading is a form of meditation in that you first relax your body then your mind to prepare yourself physiologically and mentally to get out of your logical mind and into the realm of a higher vibration and energy where the clairvoyant pictures or symbols can present themselves.  It is easy at first to miss these visual aids coming to you as they come through very quickly but over time you will begin getting a sense of pictures or symbols that you know can't be or are not from your logical mind.  When you first begin to develop and enhance your clairvoyant ability it is best to keep a journal by you and write down or draw what you have thought that you have seen with your third eye.  Over time you will begin seeing a pattern or a reocurring scene or symbol that will become important to you in clairvoyantly reading others and the circumstances that they are wanting psychic insight about.  You will know when you have entered your #clairvoyant zone because it is a state of relaxation and makes it impossible for you to focus on your own worries.

Disciplined use of your #clairvoyance will spontaneously send you breezing through vast oceans of perceptions, paradigms, experiences and opportunities that were previously nonexistent.  It is easier to read another person #clairvoyantly because you do not have the emotional bias that you may have towards yourself which could colour your perceptions.  #Psychic #clairvoyant #reading works well with #love #relationships and also supplying you with information regarding your partner and works particularly well in seeing where your #relationship will head in the #future.  Remember in #love #relationship #psychic #clairvoyant #readings the other person you are wanting to obtain information about has their own free will.  You really can't bend another persons will and if you are trying to get your own way regarding the relationship you might look within to see what is missing in yourself that you are trying to get another person to fulfill for you.  A #clairvoyant can see the #spirits of animals, planets, alien life forms, ascended beings, the person they are reading as well as themselves and any situation in the #past, in the #present and the likely outcome of a situation.  Clairvoyance also brings with it a natural ability to heal.  Oddly enough both the #clairvoyant #reader and the person receiving the #clairvoyant #reading will receive healing energy while a #clairvoyant #reading is facilitated.

#Clairvoyant #readings can be performed on couples, families and individuals.  They can serve as an extremely powerful form of relationship or marriage counseling in that they go deeper into why a person may be behaving the way they are based on past lives, past negative experiences, negative thought-forms or fear.  The #clairvoyant #reader will be able to read inbetween the lines and reveal to you the feelings that one partner may not have been able to adequately communicate to you.

To begin your journey of opening your awareness to #clairvoyant #psychic insight take a brief time from your day where you won't be interupted.  Go through a relaxation exercise to work through any tensions in your body, clear your mind of "clutter" talk or things that are bothering you.  After you feel as though you have relaxed your physical and mental body take a few deep breaths.  Try to locate the center of your head.  Picture a colorful circle, a star or a kidney bean as being in the center of your head.  Then focus on the center of your forehead which is where your third eye chakra is located and where your #clairvoyant ability comes through.  For a few moments at a time gradually work up to longer periods of meditation.  Notice what comes through for you.  If it is important or you feel a sense of urgency that has come through write it down in your journal.  Persistance is the key as is practice.  You do not need to go into a deep meditative stance to begin facilitating and enhancing your all ready present #clairvoyant abilities.  You can do this while watching television, while sitting at a park.  Visualize a viewing screen in front of your eyes.  Project images or let your subconcious mind present images, symbols or numbers to this viewing screen.  Over time you will develop the skill of being able to read yourself #clairvoyantly or to read others #clairvoyantly.  

If you would like to learn more or try a reading with a psychic

Call us now to Pre Book your READING! 

Our #Clairvoyants are friendly, experienced and talented, they use a variety of skills. 

Some are #clairaudient, others #clairsencient, some are #tarot #readers and have the ability to advise and provide you with a full picture of how your life could be.

#Mediums work with the spirit world and receive message's , some offer contact with loved ones in the afterlife.  They have a REAL gift of linking and bringing messages from those who have passed over to give you the inner peace needed and closure in difficult times in your life.

Our #Psychic #Clairvoyants are here to help you in #love and #relationship dilema's.  They can look into both your own or your partners problems to allow you to see things with more clairity. They can look into your energy field and channel you towards opportunites that lie in your path, support you through life's challenges, or let you find out more about love, your relationship's , career or life in general.  

#Psychics help you tune into your inner harmony and balance yourself and inspire you to make choices that maybe you feel are to difficult or that might also feel to complicated.   You have the power to change your life and readings can point the way.

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