Relaxation is such an important part of psychic development, but the key is to learn to become fully relaxed in order to be able to open up, channel and do psychic work, and you have to work hard to master the breathing technique.

Yoga can help you become proficient in deep breathing but it takes dedication.

Most of our life's we have been used to taking fast short breaths, but through our breath we can access higher awareness: the deeper and slower our breathing, the better we can work at higher levels.

The breathing exercises will be using the nose rather than the mouth, in order for the air to travel down the larynx trachea, bronchi-oles, bronchi ,alveolar lungs e.t.c

The lungs themselves are a powerful house of energy but we rarely use them to their full capacity.  Most of us only fill about one third of our lungs. As you exhale the diaphragm curves inwards and upwards to help force all the unwanted air out of our lungs. The diaphragm is one of the most under used muscles in the human body.


You need to learn to strengthen the diaphragm , as most of us use the upper part of our chest to breath.


Here's an exercise for you to use and it needs to be done gently when you first start, otherwise you will feel dizzy. Build up your breathing exercises with care. when you take a deep breath imagine that your breath is going right down into your lower rib cage, visualise the air filling every part of you, nourishing and rejuvenating you.

You can only channel your energy correctly when your own energy is balanced for psychic work. You know you can balance your energy levels by maintaining a flow of air through all your seven chakra's.  


Now lets look at the balancing of energy in a different light, like an electrical current either negative or positive, yin -yang, man- women, sun-moon opposite's to each other, lets liken it to a relationship. Even a relationship needs balance to work and feel Love and positive energy.

So the Idea is to practice breathing exercises in order to get the energy flowing through the three​ energy channels, these three meridian's and when they are free flowing freely,

they are said to awaken the 'kundalini' or the third eye.  This is the all powerful, pure

cosmic energy that lies within each of us,waiting to be discovered. Its home is in the

base or root chakra, where it lies dormant within all of us, its depicted

within the chakra as a coiled snake, waiting to release its energy.

The image of a snake may make people feel uneasy: but it is the symbol of powerful

energy which can be discovered under strict guidance of a spiritual teacher

who have a true understanding of this energy

The Caduceus or the Wand of Hermes depicts this energy called the kundalini.

Hermes was called the messenger of the gods. His Father was the God Zeus and his Mother was Maia the daughter of the Titan Atlas. He  was the messenger of Zeus, Hermes had wings on his Sandals and wings on this hat and carried the Golden Caduceus, or Magic Wand, with snakes wrapped around it and the wand also had wings. He was the special one who lead the souls of the dead to the underworld.

BALANCING YOUR ENERGY - Here's a quick guide of the order to start your exercise.

1. Breathe in through left nostril only 3/4 seconds.

2. Keep both nostrils closed for four seconds

3. Breathe out through right nostril only for 3/4 seconds

4. Without stopping, breathe in through right nostril for 3/4 seconds

5. Keep both nostrils closed for 3/4 seconds ( you can use your figure on each nostril to help the exercise.

6. Breathe out through left nostril only for 3/4 seconds

It is a known fact we can not live with out breathing but we can survive for weeks without food and days with out water or sleep but no more than a few minutes with out breath.

I hope this short blog helps you understand how important breath control is to master and enhance psychic abilities.

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Thanks for Reading our BLOG

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