INFORMAL - Good or bad luck is viewed as resulting from ones actions.

SANSKRIT - The word KARMA has its roots in the Sanskrit word "Karman" , which means act. In general it is believed that actions affect the quality of life and the quality of the future lives. Good deeds create good karma and evil deeds create negative karma. Some religions view karma as the law that governs reincarnation.

So why is it so important to know about Karma before you start any type of psychic development? Because KARMA is the law of cause and effect, understanding this law and its repercussions will protect you and, hopefully, prevent you from making any dangerous or foolish mistakes. Understanding the concept of Karma is also another means which you can expand your awareness levels in psychic development.

THE LAW OF KARMA - States that as we sow,so shall we reap. In other words in, everything we say , think and do becomes part of an energy force that we send out into the universe, and that energy will return to us. Simple way to put it if you do harm to others, harm will come to you. If you give out love, love comes back. Have you noticed when your irritated and tense everything seems to go wrong? However if you remain calm and focused, refusing to panic, does the situation smooth itself out? If you feel an argument brewing is it best to back down or keep the argument going, expressing love and concern for the other person will they still react angrily and retaliate? Love is a powerful force.


EXAMPLE- Do you know a terrific soul that constantly seems to have bad luck? People no matter what they do, seem to have a rough life? What about young innocent children who do no wrong yet are abused or mistreated? What about wars where scores or people are killed or injured? So how can Karma work at that level? Now you have to look more deeply at the concept of Reincarnation.

REINCARNATION - The concept is when our body dies and our soul lives on and is then reintroduced into other physical bodies. In other words our soul is separate from our physical being. Our soul is everlasting and forever in a state or growth and change. We live different physical lifes because our souls have many lessons to learn and cannot learn them in one lifetime. Now is your chance to consider it on a deeper level, we can witness KARMA in this lifetime but we have no conscious memory of previous lives, so how can we be sure? The answer lies with looking within rather than seeking physical proof. If you are stuck in disbelief then your psychic development will be much slower.

RID YOURSELF OF DOUBTS - Keep questioning life and your actions! Read more detailed books what has been discovered under hypnosis? Lastly can you think back to when you last saw a lifeless body? It needn't of been a human body it may have been a animal or pet after it had passed over. If you have witnessed a passing over maybe you can understand the following sentiment. Looking at the lifeless body you suddenly realise the person you once knew is simply not there any longer. Their shell,there outer case may lay there, but there soul is not present anymore. Some highly skilled psychics have witnessed the soul energy leaving the body! Arn't there different types of energy , is it the same energy psychics talk about? How does this energy effect us? How can this energy help us in psychic development? I will cover energy in another blog.

Hope you enjoyed this blog.

Love & Light

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