• .To have a good relationship you should be transparent.

  • .Be mindful of your words its not what you say its how you say it that counts.

  • .Take care not to under estimate the importance of the content of your conversations with the people you care about.

  • Successful relationships truly rely on the nature of your dialogue and it should always be based on truth in its entirety.

  • Romantic relationships will flourish when both partners are able to share their innermost feelings and thoughts about themselves and each other.


Check in with you inner self and answer these relationship questions after you have gotten to know him or her well enough to get a good sense of who he or she is.

If you don’t know him or her very well then don’t answer these questions until you learn more about him or her  ( and don’t make a decision about whether he or she is the person for you before then)

ASK yourself - These Questions

Do I like how he treats me?

Am I a priority in his life?

Does he respect me?

Do I feel safe around him?

Does he accept me for who I am?

Am I being my authentic self around him?

Can I express myself freely when difficult situations come up?

Do I feel secure when we're together and when we're not together?

Does he/she inspire me to be the best version of myself?

Is he/she encouraging and supportive of what I want in life?

Is he/she genuinely happy for me when good things happen to me?

Can I live with his/her quirky behaviour's and traits?

Do I like him/her the way he is if he never changes?

Am I having fun with him/her ?

Do I like who I am when I'm with and without him/her ?

Do I feel uplifted when we're together?

Do I feel free to pursue my passions, have alone time, and spend time with friends and family?

Do my family and friends like him.her ?

Do I like his family and friends?

Can I see us growing old together?


First dates can be very nerve racking.

Come up with something imaginative to do.

Try not to start worrying about conversation – ie will it flow easily or will there be awkward silences, will you have chemistry etc ….Although it will be hard the best thing you can do is relax as much as possible. Try your hardest to be your authentic self.

Don’t over think things, and even if you don’t match as romantic partners you may find that you have found a new friend.  

Suggestions for making the best out of first date experiences:

Be Your Authentic Self.

Be on time punctuality is most important then you will not start the date stressed.

Look nice and presentable

Think about the place to meet " First time maybe its best in a crowded area" let people know where you are going and whom you are meeting. (Always think Safe)

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