What is a Psychic Telephone Reading!

How to Make a Psychic Reading Easier.

If you have never tried a telephone Psychic reading before, your probably wondering how it works and what you need to do to prepare for one.  

Here are some Tips:

1. Do some research and look at testimonials to give you an idea of how other people feel about the Psychic Reader or service. 

2.  Read Reviews about your psychic of choice. It helps to read what other people say about there experience before committing yourself to a reading.

3. If your reader is experienced they should only require your name and date of birth to create a link to your energy over the telephone.

Types of Readings:

Channelling - This is a type of psychic communication where the psychic connects with angels or spirit guides, they will channel or convey messages to you from their guides.

Clairvoyance:  Psychics that can see images and visions that are related to your life.  Which other types of psychics most likely can not see.  They are able to tap into your energy to see past, present and future events.

Tarot Readings:  Tarot Readings , the reader will use the Tarot Deck which consists of 78 cards, there are lots of different packs or cards and they are used to gain insight into your current & past situations in life.  Tarot Readers use different spreads and can use a combination of other means too, so he or she can interpret the spread of cards laid before them to give you the best possible insight and information relating to your life.

You can stop the Reader Anytime to ask a question:

If you are feeling that you don't quite understand the information given to you ask the reader to explain in more detail, they can go back and ask their guides for more clarity, also if they are a tarot reader they can look again at the spread for any information they may missed.  Do not be affraid to ask for more clarity on information received by the MEDIUM OR PSYCHIC, a good reader will welcome that from you as they can go back to their guide and push them to try to give more evidence so that you get confirmation or proof or even more info on future events.

Telephone Readings are just the same quality as a 121 reading or face 2 face reading :    Quality wise there is no difference at all the results will be exactly the same.  It is infact better as the reader can not see you and knows nothing about you, they can not read your facial expression they cannot see what you are wearing etc wedding ring , engagement ring etc .  People that have telephone readings find them more convenient as they can have them late at night or early in the morning.  You don't need to take time to get to a address by transport you just pick up the phone at the allocated time slot and it can take 20,30,40 minutes whatever suits you.

You can book the amount of time you feel you need :  You can book a slot at the desired time for the amount of time you need you can use PayPal and feel secure online.  Relax on your bed or in your favourite chair and enjoy a wondering insightful reading.

YOU CAN BE ANONYMOUS:  During phone readings you can simply decide to stay anonymous as you are not required to tell your psychic who you are.  Although it is better to give your name and date of birth for a better psychic link.

You don't have to choose a hometown reader:  Your have better and more options to research readers even out of the area you live in so its worth checking testimonials and it doesn't matter if you live at a distance.  We even give readings over the telephone in different countries and get same results.

Telephone Psychics Can not Cheat.   Face to face sessions allows the psychic to read body language, wedding rings , engagement rings etc  Telephone readers require more abilities to give a reading i.e. Clairvoyance, clairaudence, and clairsentience.  Without these other abilities the psychic would not give a successful reading over the phone.  

I hope this blog will help you with your chosen psychic and make you feel at ease during a telephone reading as you now know what to expect and how to go about getting the best reading possible.  Don't be anxious or nervous try to stay calm as it could cloud your energy and alter the message your reader receives, getting a reading in the comfort of your own home should keep you much calmer than a face 2 face reading.

All the best for your Telephone Reading

Love & Light

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