Runes - are a form of Ancient Divination, although they are not as well known as the #TarotCards.
#Runestones are subtle type expression.   #Tarotcards consist of 78 cards, where as the #Runes are composed of 24 different symbols etched or painted onto small round pebbles.  There are usually 25 in a full set, because a completely bank #rune is often included.
Many believe that the #Runes can define patterns of divine consciousness and can reveal secrets of the universe that are held deep within the symbols.  Thats why study is needed.  As with the #Tarot there are also books available on the #Runes that give a detailed interpretation of each symbol, each symbol is a gateway into higher consciousness.  You have to do some work for yourself. 
The orgins of the #Runes are not certain, rather like the #Tarot, but there is plenty of evidence of Runic symbols and letters that have been used in one form or another since the third century BC.  The #Runes are also called the "Alphabet of Honorius" and have evolved through the centuries via a combination of Bronze Age carvings, Greek and Latin Letters and the Germanic runic alphabet. One can trace it back even further if you look at ancestral folklore, which talks of an ancient tribe who came from far North with the last great Ice Age, before 10,000 BC.  There is also a Bronze Helmet that dates third century BC inscribed with text that can be likened to Runic symbols.  There have been countless examples of these ancient symbols on a variety of objects, viking ships and monuments, rocks, stones, weapons, goblets, amulets, rings & brooches these have been discovered in various places, Greenland,Iceland,Britain,Italy etc to name but a few. 
Norse mythology decrees #Runes to be a gift from the god Odin.  Odin is said to have hung for nine days and nights upon the world tree where upon he became dizzy and fell.  As he fell, the story goes he saw the #Runes and quickly grabed them.  Odin is then discribed as being reborn with great wisdom and well-being.  It is unlikely that anyone will ever know the #Runes true origins and perhaps this is how it is meant to be.  Maybe they are intended as a source of inspiration, a means of delving into the mysteries of the higher consciousness.  Ancient tribes relied upon them for guidance in their daily life.  #Runes where also used as a means to remember the most effective remedies for particular injury or illness.  I know this seems a bit weird that a group of stones with a few markings on them could possibly offer such insights, but you need to remember that the #Runes are again only a tool to help minds into higher spheres.  The word #Rune translate as a "mystery" or "holy secret" that is "whispered".  If you decide that a set of #Runes feels right for you, they should come with a booklet to help you with interpretations, but you may wish to purchase a separate book with more complete details. Books will demonstrate different ways of casting the #Runes, although you can simply draw upon one #Rune if you wish and then meditate upon it. 

I hope you have enjoyed this blog giving you a insight into #Runes and there origins.

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