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The suit of cups are associated with emotions, and correspond with the astrological element of water. The associated Zodiac signs are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

The Suit of Cups is representative of the element of water.  

The suit of Hearts is derived from the suit of cups.  

These are sometimes refered to as chalices as well as cups. In tarot, it is part of what is called the "Minor Arcana" like the other tarot suits.  It contains fourteen cards ace (one) two through to ten, page, knight, queen and King.

The Suit of Cups Tarot card meanings relate to the emotional level of human consciousness.

THE POSITIVE TRAITS OF THE SUIT OF CUPS are about displays of emotion, expression of feelings and the role of emotions in relation to others.

The Cups Tarot cards indicate that you are thinking with your heart rather than your head, and thus reflect your responses and your habitual reactions to situations.Cups are also linked to creativity, romanticism, fantasy and imagination.


(i.e. when the Cups cards appear reversed) include being overly emotional or completely disengaged and dispassionate, having unrealistic expectations and fantasising about what could be.

There may be repressed emotions, an inability to truly express oneself and a lack of creativity.


The Watery astrological signs are CANCER, SCORPIO AND PISCES.Addionally, cups were the symbol of the clergy in feudal times, and thus cup cards can also be interpereted as having to do with spiritual or religious matters.


The Suit of Cups traditionally represents the west and autumn


If using an ordinary deck of playing cards, Cups are represent hearts.

ACE OF CUPS - ACE OF CUPS -NEW BEGINING'S -Here the Ace of cups indicates new begining of and emotional nature.  It can signify the birth of a child, or the begining of a love situation that affects us deeply.  It's generally a card of happiness, and the beginning of many blessings.  A new business , a relatioship, success on the path is inevitable. Existing personal relationships may strengthen, meaningful new ones are likely to form. If marriage is in your future, you are likely to lay the foundations for it during this time.

Abundance · Creativity · Intense relationship · Satisfaction · Success

Two of cups: Two of any suit indicates duality.  Here it indicates two minds and hearts coming together and functioning as one.  The card protrays a young man and a women each bearing a cup, as if presenting it to one another.  Above is the red lion of strength and courage.

What sort of partnership is less clear, but you are in the past, present, or future, part of a powerful one. This partnership will involve absolute trust and respect. It may, of course, be a particularly emotional love affair, but it could just as easily be a deep and abiding friendship. The exact nature may be revealed by the rest of the spread, or it may not. It will be a source of happiness for you, though, a presence in your life you can count on at every turn, and whose well-being will be as important to you as your own.

Commitment · Friendship · Love · Partnership · Relationship

Three of cups: The three Graces dance and cavort, each maiden bearing a cup it indicates a time of merriment and celebration.

A time of joy which will last and be shared with those around you. Commonly associated with the completion of a meaningful project, or, even more likely, a birth.

Abundance · Celebration · Creativity · Entertainment · Gathering

Four of cups: A young man sits under a tree.  One thinks of Buddha under the bodhi tree, sitting crossed legged, but this youth is not serene.  He seems disatisfied with the three of cups before him.  A hand from a cloud offers him a fourth cup, but the youth shows no interest it indicates a period of boredom, where nothing seems to be satisfying

This card is a strong warning that you must break out of your current cycles. Seek out causes.  It could mean that you need to re-evaluate some area of your life or possibly that you are just settling for where you are and with opportunities having been missed. There is no clear answer right now.

Boredom · Disappointment · Dissatisfaction · Re-evaluation · Tedious

Five of cups: A hooded figure with bowed head seems to mourn the 3 cups spilled before him. Behind the cloaked figure stand two cups, upright.  The 5 of any suit can be considered difficult.  Here it indicates hopes that have been dashed or mourning over something that is lost.  The hooded figure remains unaware of the two cups still standing behind - so the situation is not completely hopeless.  Expect a setback in your life, almost certainly emotional.  it may be a project or goal you are particularly invested in, emotionally. In certain positions it might also refer to events of the past which continue to cause regret or heartache. The only solution is optimism; this too shall pass.

Avoidance · Detachment · Loss · New hope · Regret

Six of cups: Two youths play in a garden surrounded by six cups.  This card can indicate happy memories as well as certain clinging to the past and how things used to be.  It can also indicate an invitation or gift coming from someone in your past.  

This card is deep rooted in the past, but it is also a card closely bound to your happiness. It suggests that your family, your old friends, perhaps even past lovers, are in the process of adding joy to your life. This card may also refer to past efforts, labours of love, and personal projects rewarding you, usually in an emotional sense, rather than financial

Apology · Past associations · Reconciliation · Reminiscent · Return

Seven of cups: A young person sees seven cups amoung the clouds and visions therein.  One cup is the perfect lover or mate all people idealize.  Another cup shows richs, another the cloaked soul of the querent about to be revealed, another castles.  Other cups show a red dragon or inflamed passion and emotion, as well as a snake arising from another cup.  The card is a caution against over idealizing your situation and getting your head lost among the clouds.  Your dreams need a firm foundation in order to take root.  Do not build castles in the air and fantasize without taking responsibility for your actions.

It speaks of a deep confusion, or a lack of understanding of your true motivations by your conscious mind. It is time to look carefully at your own motivations and reexamine your goals, but it is also a risky time to act upon your conclusions.

Confusion · Dreams and ambitions · Speculating · Decision · Temptation

Eight of cups: The Eight of cups are arranged in a row.  A figure leaves these cups behind as if begining a journey.  An indifferent moon looks down upon the traveller. The traveller is in a good situation where there is much promise and much to offer but chooses to set out for the unknown. It indicates a restlessness and wanderlust as well as overloooking the good we already possess in the hopes of finding something else. Depending on the rest of your spread, it may be a strong push for you to move on, and find the courage to strike out in a new direction. You will have to look closely at your work, your relationship, and your own beliefs to identify the source that is making you feel this way.Abandonment · Avoiding · Changes in lifestyle · Leaving / Going · Personal development

Nine of cups: This is known as the "Wish" card.  A well fed self satisfied individual sits with nine cups behind.  It indicates a table of plenty and getting everything you desire.  It is the wish card meaning your wish will come true.

The Feelings of joy, satisfaction, pleasure, and overall contentment. Its presence in the emotional card, it is indicative of a bright future brimming with good times, bliss, and a period of your wishes all being granted. The answer you are looking for is yes.

Complete · Fulfilled · Generous · Pleasure · Satisfaction

Ten of cups: A husband and wife join arms looking up at a rainbow over their house.  Two young children dance.  Ten of cups are seen among the rainbow.  It is a card of happiness, completion of all plans of your satisfaction and a card of fulfilment and a sence of wholeness.  A happy marriage and family life.  

It suggests perhaps personal or family dreams coming true and an overall sense of satisfaction and security in life. Positive achievements and emotional stability ahead of you, the answer you seek is yes.

Abundance · Achievement · Commitment · Family · Happiness

Page of cups:  A Messenger or Bearer of good news.  A dreamy youth holds a cup from wherein a fish pokes its head.  This indicates a versatile individual one who have the gift of intuition and insight. The card indicates a youth with a love for the arts, poetry and music and maybe very fond of dancing.  It indicates ease in ones affairs as well as news of enjoyment and entertainment.

The Page of Cups is a gentle, artistic, dreamer-type messenger. He brings with him announcements of good news and messages of new, serene beginnings. All dealings with this card are of a positive nature, and the answer it represents is yes.

Announcement · Birth · Creative ideas · Good news · Message

Knight of cups:  A young man on horse with a winged helmet offers a cup.  The card can indicate a sensitive male.  Unmarried a suitor who seeks the hand of a lady.  He is honest and truthful as well as a heartfelt.  It can also indicate a matter of an emotional nature that is occuring in the querents life.

The Knight of Cups is a romantic and compassionate dreamer bringing along new opportunities or some sort of positive invitation. He represents self acceptance and an arrival to finding the proper path for your life. The answer you are looking for is yes.

Arrival · Creative · Invitation · New opportunities · Proposal

Queen of cups: A queen on her throne at the seaside holds a cup she looks into.  She sees visions within.  It indicates a woman who has the gift of intuition and is able to offer good advice.  She also may harbour a secret she is willing to share with you.

She suggests a person who is a good listener and a loving counselor. Like her counterpart, the King of Cups, her presence is neither positive nor negative, and she brings an unclear answer to your question.

Intuitive · Mature, Sensitive Woman · Spouse · Virtuous · Wise

King of cups: A king holding a scepter floats upon the water. It indicates someone who is kind, even tempered, balanced and wise.  He may be a member of the clergy, or a counselor , professor or psychologist , doctor.  He is a symbol of quiet and strength and is calming and ressuring. 

The King of Cups is a compassionate, warm, and gentle voice of reason. He is an authoritative man with strong intuition and vast spiritual knowledge. This card represents being able to make decisions by channelling experiences and being able to give good/helpful advise. Neither positive nor negative in nature, the answer is unclear.

Compassionate · Good advice / Helpful · Integrity · Mature, Authoritative Man · Spouse

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