There are 3 Types of Energy:

You will need a basic understanding of the 3 types of energy to progress and you will need to use all three during psychic work.

1st is Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy is pure infinite and of the highest vibration. Its often called cosmic energy. You will use cosmic energy to open up to prepare yourself for psychic work. You learn to draw upon this energy by visualising it. You then need to draw upon this energy and bring it down though your body. This probably sounds impossible to you at this stage and very daunting but with exercises and help you can learn this ,depending on the level at which you are working at. The main thing to remember when working with this powerful energy is to empty your mind remove all blocks of day to day thoughts and totally relax using breathing exercises and use visualisation techniques .

Cosmic Energy is the most difficult energy to define, the most difficult to see and yet probably the most easiest to draw upon as a psychic. It pours down from the cosmos in abundance you can use it to cleanse , increase awareness or re -energize.

You might find it hard to accept it exists but just one session in opening up you will feel the energy for yourself and will feel its presence. People sometimes call its presence either Pure white light, energy from God, Allah or Buddha for instance. You don't have to attribute it to a religious experience as this experience is purely spiritual in nature.

Starting a spiritual path means opening your mind to the belief in a soul and physical body. If you believe their is a higher consciousness out there that offers supreme wisdom, and believe this comes from this source, you don't have to call it god , unless it feels true to you. If you want you can call it a non religious name, i.e. Great spirit, Great white light, Universal one, supreme soul or you can make up your own name for it that seems appropriate to you.

No Psychic teacher should decree the source has one name. When working in a group every person may have a different name for the source it doesn't stop them working together to draw upon Cosmic Energy that streams into the room. What is important is that you acknowledge and appreciate and respect its Devine power and give thanks for its presence.

2nd Earth Energy:

Mother Nature earth energy is used to ground yourself as the cosmic Energy is very powerful. Our physical body is just as important as our spiritual self! Earths energy emanates from the earths core and resonates around us through every part of what we would call nature. Stones, grass, flowers, plants, trees etc. Earths energy is needed to balance yourself and work effectively through grounding we also increase our connection to our inner-self.

Sometimes this is called universal energy but I prefer to call it Earth energy to avoid confusion. To feel earths energy walking on the grass or sand without shoes is a fantastic way to get a direct boost of earth energy.

Earth Energy is composed of matter, but it is so fine, so subtle, that most of us don't see it. The fact is that you can train yourself to tap into it. It is everywhere flowing between animate and inanimate objects on earth connecting everything together, with varying degrees of intensity. This can also explain why some people are drawn to live by the sea or water, others are drawn to live by mountains or cities and some crave the presence of large trees its about balancing our own energies. Weather is another factor people have different needs some prefer constant sunny weather others feel drained of energy.

A good exercise is to hug a tree feel its energy hold a stone lay on your back in a forest see if you can see visualise the energy coming from a tree or a flower in nature.

Whenever possible take the chance of increasing your contact with what is around you. At least once a week , more often if possible, make contact with different earth energies.

The connection with the ground is earths energy as already mentioned this is called universal energy field. This energy is a little bit easier to relate too. It has been studied for over five thousand years in India this energy is called PRANA , meaning the base source of life. Chinese call it CHI and talk further about its feminine and masculine energies YING and YANG. The Greeks refer to it as VITAL energy. There have been lots of other individuals carrying out research on this subject and have created their own words to describe it but the above are probably the ones most of us have heard of.

So hopefully, you now have a little understanding of the cosmic and earth energy.

Cosmic is Devine and everlasting

Earth is from earth and its inhabitants and is influenced by everything animate and inanimate, earth energies resonate at different vibrations in different areas according to a wide range of influencing factors.

Its fair to say that Cosmic energy can influence earth energy but the reserve is not possible.

so where does human energy, or human aura, come into this newly defined world of energies, we will talk about that next.

3rd Aura Human Energy:

Psychic's tap into this Auric energy during a reading. This is our own energy that we carry around with us and therefore is emanating from us at all times. This energy is constantly changing and very complex the study of this energy is a lifetime challenge. There are seven layers.

Our Aura is our own, highly individual band of energy that surrounds us. Its a very sophisticated band with at least 7 layers, each layer deals with a different aspect of ourselves, our auras constantly change expanding and contracting, as we go through life.

You may not have seen an aura as yet, but I can assure you you have felt someones aura. Have you been somewhere and when a certain individual walks into a room and the atmosphere changed. The room may have all of a sudden become light and bright and felt charged with energy , then that energy could change if a depressed person walked into the room with a negative vibration around their aura.

Another strong energy within a aura field is fear.