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I felt the urge to write about the feeling of getting Lost within Art, Music, Writing or Poetry while in a Trance State.

I have experienced the feeling of losing time while completely immersed in painting etc. as it is an enjoyable experience to block out every day to do lists, and totally focus on something creative.

This experience I have decided to write about it happened while attending a workshop at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted.

Stansted Hall, built in 1871, was gifted to the Spiritualists' National Union by J. Arthur Findlay, MBE, JP, a former Honorary President of the Union, and in accordance with his wishes is administered by the Union as a College for the advancement of Psychic Science.

I attended an open week for Psychic Development and while taking   part in one of the inspirational writing classes using Trance State to induce creativity I wrote the following Poem. It was quite an amazing experience See Below:


Once the teacher took the group into this state using music as a relaxation technique, and their own voice, you felt almost like you were falling into this state naturally half asleep, half awake and I am sure that many authors, artists and creative people use the experience of music to slip into this creative state of mind.

It’s just felt like an hypnotic effect, sending a direct message to my imagination,  the mind telling me the words it wished to pen to the paper, free flowing thoughts with no pressure or deep thinking required, It just felt naturally inspired, relaxed and in a zone of creativity.

This Poem was written so naturally without mistake, I never had to make any changes to the words; it just seemed perfect at the time when I read the words back after the experience was over.  It felt quite strange as I didn’t think it was possible to do that in a matter of a few minutes.

I have never changed any of the words of the poem they are exactly how they had come into my mind as I wrote them on the paper in an inspirational writing class.  I am not a natural poem writer so I was quite shocked to find the depth, rhythm and rhyme that appeared from nowhere just going with the flow from that moment and allowing the mind to control me and the pen.

It is hard to describe but I can understand now how a writer can get lost for days in there writing, it is an experience of tapping into some magic source of inspiration that makes the writer addicted and willing to give up almost anything for his art, and makes them not want to fail or give up they would be such a unhappy human being if they did.  

No wonder a writer and Artist get so engrossed in their work.

Hope this blog post has helped you understand working within a trance state a bit better.

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