What are the Benefits of Developing your Psychic Abilities?

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

So What are the benefits of Psychic Development!

To benefit from psychic development you first have to look at how people have evolved especially in the 20th century with technology, the population increasing people are now bombarded with modern day pressures of living, people want faster cars, larger homes, higher paid jobs, which is infact making the majority of people unhappy rather than making them content and peaceful instead they are full of anxiety.Before technology people were less demanding, their needs were more basic it was easy for them to be in touch with themselves and also in touch with nature, there wasn't overcrowding , polluted environments, or people contracting fast spreading illnesses world wide like Covid-19.

What are we doing to our beautiful planet?, Destroying it , wiping out entire species of animals, birds & fish. I know it all sounds so negative but there is a upside too.

True to laws of nature, the negative always has the a positive attraction. Just a Century ago we had No inside toilets, No baths, No Hot running water, No clean drinking water, No central heating, No medical breakthroughs, now we can prolong life, save lives, and experience less psychical pain. Can you imagine no TV, Radio, Mobile Phones, internet transport, cars, planes, Everlasting telephone numbers you can take wherever you go. We have become to depend on our mobility as a means of life, but just recently with Covid-19 & lockdown it has made us more aware of what maters basic things and how lucky we are to be able to communicate by mobile phone , the internet using the technology that once made us forget about our basic requirements. So now we need to look after ourselves to balance life again example our spiritual self, our soul, finding time for meditation, stillness , silence, how often do we achieve this in life?

MEDITATION & STILLNESS - Try closing your eyes for a few minutes. What can you hear? Visualise - what can you imagine? Can you hear a clock ticking in the distance, or traffic or birds, the wind in the trees etc. If you concentrate enough you will hear your own heart beat and feel your chest rise and fall. As you start to relax more you will feel your pulse slowing down, after some time and contemplation and once you have fully relaxed for a good 20 minutes to half hour, then slowly open your eyes focus on a object in the room until it becomes clear to you. Practice this until you master it and feel the relaxation and stillness throughout your entire body.

THE SLOWING OF THE BREATH IN PSYCHIC WORK! Stillness and silence are hard to achieve , our breath is our life force and it is also a means to accomplish a great deal in psychic work. You need to become more and more aware of your breath and how it effects your body. In the western world we don't make the time to spend to relax and rejuvenate our bodies its really important to take time out and chill and get in touch with our inner-self. Many mental, emotional, physical imbalances are due to the lack of contact with our inner-self, some people would go as far to say that all illnesse's are a result of not getting in touch with their spiritual self. Just think about that for a moment. You can intensify your sensitivity through meditation i.e.your Touch, sight, smell, taste improving your first five sense's.



Your will be able to help people through awareness on many levels, healing, flower reading, aura readings, tarot, etc but with it comes responsibility you may end up in distressing situations, so always give people respect work with love light & honesty, otherwise you could find yourself to be subject to Karma bouncing back towards you. That subject I will cover another time.

To Sum up:


  1. Unconditional Love for people of the world

  2. A gift to comfort others

  3. How to relax and let go of stress

  4. Discovering your inner self & higher self

  5. Expand your consciousness and beliefs

  6. Your Purpose of life

  7. Development of five senses

  8. Better relationship's with friends, family

  9. Learn to channel universal energy

  10. Psychomentry holding a object and feeling its energy

  11. Getting in tough with nature & meditation

  12. Healing & seeing Auras

Psychic Development offers a great deal , but not all people reading this post will experience everything on this list, as it takes time, dedication. Practice for free on other people even friends and family and only then, will you know if its the right time to take the plunge or not into the real world and starting reading for people you don't know. Enjoy the journey.

Love & light

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