121 Home Visit

Cost £50 for 1 x hour 

Covering Essex,Kent and East London Areas

Dependant on where the client lives they maybe a separate change of £20 for travel costs,

121 Home Vist £50.00 Essex/Kent/East London

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  • 121 READING - 1 X Hour £50.00

    Psychic Home Visit £50.00 - Areas Covered Essex, Kent , East London (Additional costs for travel maybe incurred check before booking example £20.00 travel cost)

    Guidelines to receive the Best Reading possible.  

    Avoid sharing anything upfront about you or the person/ in spirit you wish to contact. The session needs to be pure and free from any information she receives prior to the reading.  

    We can look at future outcomes and possibilies for the client, but is also able to receive evidential spirit contact.  We can facilitate communication with spirits.  While spirits often bring up future events this is not the main focus of spirit communication.  if the reason you want a reading is to discern future events such as love life and career issues , this would be the right fit for you.

    Loss and Spirit communication, In order to get the most benefit from the reading.  It is usually in your best interests to wait four to six months for the initial shock of grief to subside.  Many people want to know if they can schedule a reading immediately after the passing.  The time following the transition of a loved one is excruciatingly painful.  Although the spirit is able to communicate right after crossing to the other side grief stricken people are not emotionally ready to engage in spirit contact.  

    For the best reading possible, the recipients should be close family and significant other who want to connect with the same person or people in spirit.  Taking notes is very helpful and strongly recommended as you can refer to them during the reading Audio recording of the session is permitted (you can order a CD copy in advance.) For optimal results, the reading should be the only thing you do that day.  It is best to be naturally relaxed (free of drugs and alchol) detail. Be open to the contact and "check your expectations at the door" Its not unusual for several spirits to make contact.

    Every effort is made to schdule you as soon as possible .  Once you are scheduled, you will be notified if a sooner appointment becomes available.

    Sign up for the newsletter! Be informed when I am in your area. ( Visit Calender of Events) Should you have additional questions about readings and spirit contact, please visit our FAQ Page.

    In person sessions are at least 60 mins in length : £50.00 * 

    Up to three people may participate in the same session, for additional participants add £30.00 per person.  Individual sessions will cost £50.00 each person.

    To schedule an in person reading, please call between 10am and 10pm UK time. (+44) 8005999004.

    * The fee for in-person readings while I am on tour are subject to higher rates.  (Note: I am not employed by 24Tarot nor is 24tarot and its staff employed.  24Tarot merely schedules in person sessions and provides the location for the reading)

    Kindly refrain from calling 24Tarot for any reason other than to schedule an in person reading.

    Please note that 24tarot does schedule telephone readings, media & tour schedule.

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